K Fit Updates and News

Hello, lovely K Fitters.  We have some updates!

Starting tomorrow, April 4th, the 6:15 classes Monday to Thursday are now at 6pm!   Plan on arriving early even though the other class may still be going.  We're finding that more people can come at 6:00.

Jessica Starr is back for two nights in April. Star Power yoga will be Tuesday the 12th and Tuesday the 26th at 6pm.  We've gotten some great feedback about Jessica's teaching skills and we're excited to have her back from vacation and ready to spread the calm and balance.

Tabor Fun Runs this month are also Run Mama Run training runs.  April 10th and 24th we'll be meeting at the white gate at 8:30 am. 

Run Mama Run is Sunday, May 8th and they need volunteers!  Come on out to support your K Fit community.   There are still available registration spots too, so if you want to come run or walk with us, sign up here!

As for our awesome gym, we have more equipment and the second bathroom coming in May, our new sign is coming soon, and, maybe most importantly for the afternoon classes, we are actively investigating air conditioning options.  I know it's been getting warm in there!  In the meantime, we're looking to get the air circulating so we'll be getting some fans to help with that.

In other coaching news, Erin Mick taught her first class in March.  Look for her when you sign up in Mindbody for your April classes. 

As always, K Fit is your spot to pick up your Vibrant Culinaire meals.  Chris has been busy!  She's loving cooking for us and we're loving the delicious meals and the simplicity of heating them up. 

That's our update for now!  As always, please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions.  We love to hear from our K Fitters!

From the Run Mama Run website!!  We're in good company as sponsors!!

From the Run Mama Run website!!  We're in good company as sponsors!!

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