All of our classes use a variety of equipment, movements, formats, and intensity, and all of our coaches are personal trainers, so we're able to modify to your level.


The Spark

Start your week off with a spark.  Our cardio/strength workout is the perfect jump start.  We combine conditioning (building your lung capacity) with resistance (building your muscles.)

The Foundation

The Foundation is a "kinder" class for those recovering from injury, just getting back into an exercise routine, or for those who are looking to review the proper form for basic movements that we use in all of our classes.

The Kinect

This class will get you in touch with your core on a deep level.  Sprinkled with cardio and resistance, the class ensures  a complete workout.

The Force

End your work week with the Force.  We flip our Monday workout around and focus on strength along with your cardio.

The Fusion

A little pilates, a little yoga, a little barre -- Abby Bliss White will inspire grace, balance, and a rock solid core.

The Wildcard

You never know what you're going to get with our Saturday Wild Card Workout - guaranteed to fuel your weekend with a wild energy burst.

The Arsenal

Whether you are a beginner to power lifting and want to learn the basics, or you are at a more advanced level and want to continue to refine and improve your technique, this class is for you.  It's not just power lifting - you will also get your dose of cardio, core, balance and more! You'll always finish the Arsenal in high spirits.

The Blast

This class is all about getting your cardio fix in!  We use equipment and body-weight exercises to keep this high-velocity class challenging and FUN!  You are guaranteed to leave The Blast on an endorphin high!

The Groove

 It's time to get your groove on with this fun and energetic dance workout focusing on rhythm, coordination, and cardio! All set to a jammin' playlist that will get your heart rate pumping.

The Symmetry

This total body workout incorporates elements of TRX Suspension Training for gaining strength and agility and dynamic body weight exercises for improving balance and stability. A workout guaranteed to challenge all levels.

The Boost

Looking for a midday boost of energy?  This 30-minute cardio class is guaranteed to put a smile on your face get your heart rate pumping!  And you can combine it with the 30-minute TRXpress class for a full hour of lunchtime workout fun!

The TRXpress

A quick and powerful workout featuring the TRX and RIP Training systems.  You will be using your own body weight and rotational resistance to achieve an effective, full body workout.

The Next Level

This class takes The Foundation to the next level.  Form and function are emphasized while taking the cardio and core strength training up a notch.  Perfect for enhancing stability and improving endurance!

Tabor Run, aka "The Happiest Hour"

We spend Wednesday mornings running on the volcano.  Whether you're a beginning runner or advanced, you'll increase your endurance with each incline.  No one is left behind, and no one is left unchallenged.

***  It is important that you arrive 15 minutes prior to class time to foam roll.  If you don't have a foam roller, we have them at K Fit for you to use.  We foam roll before class to prevent injury, release tightness in the muscles, and increase range of motion, and we foam roll after class to decrease soreness and promote recovery.   Additionally, we have a 10-15 minute warm-up at the beginning of class to get our joints and muscles ready to work out.  Please, do not skip this important start to your workout. ***