Summertime Fun!

K Fitters!! Soon we'll have been in business for a year.  (Remember the days of mosquitoes on Tabor before we even had the taekwondo studio?!)  And now we've been our own space for almost five months.  We've got our sign up and have gotten all sorts of new equipment, we've got the barre studio, and, last but not least, the heavenly air conditioning unit!!!   We are so grateful for all of you on this journey with us. 

We are planning on having a one-year anniversary of opening K Fit in August and Loni is working on a location and date for that.  We'll keep you updated!

If anyone has a friend who isn't currently working out, please -- please -- help them get to a Foundation class with Suzy Jefferies.  She's wonderful and is a perfect guide for the uninitiated.   Remember, the first class is always free. 

We are excited for Jessica's Star Power yoga on Thursday, July 14th and July 28th at 6:00pm.   Jessica coaches vinyasa flow and it is the perfect end to our busy days!  Sign up in Mindbody.

And big fun delicious news from The Vibrant Culinaire -- SALAD DRESSINGS!!  I love Chris' salad dressings so much that I persuaded her this should be her next big thing.  She's offering four different dressings each week.  And soon we'll have a refrigerator at the gym where you can pick them up. 

Lastly, July 18th is the Seasonal Summer Detox with Abby Bliss White!!! Early Bird Pricing ends on July 5th! The price is $97.00 until the 5th and then it goes up to the normal price of $147.00! Register today and save $50.00 at