Obviously, we've been a little busy!

We've neglected our little fledgling blog, but I'm sure you all forgive us since WE HAVE OUR OWN GYM!!  It's been so exciting to be in our new space.   We just got a huge, heavy shipment of hand weights and kettle bells!   And more equipment is on its way!!!

The second bathroom is coming along nicely as are the dressing rooms.  We've added some new information to the website too, so check in there to see our packages and pricing, and a sneak peak at some "coming soon" classes and coaches.  We've come up with class names, which should be updated on MindBody very soon, if not already, and will continue to add classes in the next few months.

Jessica Starr will be teaching our first yoga class, Star Power, on March 8th, and then again March 15th, both at 6:15 p.m.  With your unlimited membership, come work out with Mary at 5, stay for Jessica's class at 6:15 for a double dose of fun.

We've also got our Tabor Fun Run and Walk coming up on Sunday, March 13th.  The event calendar says 7:30 a.m., but the Fun Run and Walk starts at 8:30 a.m.  Technology is overriding our desire for it to say 8:30 because of the time change.  I'll send you a reminder of this as the day gets closer.  This Fun Run will also be a training run for Run Mama Run. 

I asked Carol to create a private page for all of our non-exercise related sharing, say, if you've got a business you'd like to promote, an art exhibit, poetry reading, or maybe you need a real estate agent or dog sitter or have a time-share that you're not going to use.  We are a talented and varied group of women and we want everyone to thrive.  This group is opt-in, so if you'd like to be involved, let me know and I'll send you an invite.   Continue to post information about fun runs, mud runs, exercise and fitness-related articles, et cetera, to the main K Fit private page. 

And one final note:  please-oh-please arrive at the gym 15 minutes prior to class time to foam roll!  We care about your well being and don't want any injuries.  Our workouts are challenging and we need to prepare our joints and muscles to prevent injury. 


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