Time is Flying

This month marks our two year anniversary of K Fit Studio.  It's hard to believe.  Those early days when we were in the taekwondo studio on Sandy seem so long ago, especially because our lovely gym seems like it's always been home.

We've been so busy with living -- kids off of school, vacations, runs around Oregon, hot days, an ECLIPSE(!!!), and even a baby kitten visiting the gym! -- but I wanted to give you an update on all of our great charities and partnerships over the last few months.   

For the Oregon Food Bank, we had two great days of volunteering as well as 163 pounds of food and $250 in cash.  We don't have information on the school supplies yet but we did fill that bin in addition to two full shopping bags.


I wanted to make sure you all knew that Genevieve is available for personal training.   She loves the heavy weights AND can create killer cardio workouts too.  These are personalized for your maximum benefit.

Autumn is a great time for our Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy.  As the seasons change and we start our winter hibernating mode, it's easy to start in with the "comfort" foods.  But I'm here to tell you, healthy eating = comfortable body.   You can book an appointment in the "pricing" section of MindBody and read all about it here.

In other news, we're teaming up with Soccer Shots again for their fall session, which means on Sundays from September 10th through November 19th, they use K Fit to play.  If you have a little one who likes soccer (or would like to see if they like soccer) check out their website.   They have "mini" camp (for 2-3 year-olds) and "classic" (for 3-5 year-olds).  They're so cute!!!

Look for details for next session of Clinical Somatics coming in October with Kristin Jackson.  There are flyers up at the gym if you have more questions about somatics. 

We have one last evening Tabor Summer Fun Run on Wednesday, September 20th at 6pm this is free and open to friends & family!

And lastly, our September charitable partner is Dove Lewis!  Yay, pets.

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