K Fit Has Been Around For A YEAR!!!!!

Our one-year anniversary toast at East Glisan Pizza Lounge was so much fun.  Thank you for coming to the party to celebrate and thank you to Kristen for hosting.  We feel so lucky to be doing what we're doing and doing it with all of you!!

Look for more social events coming up.   We're updating the website regularly and posting on Facebook and, if you aren't technologically inclined, we've put up signs on the new bulletin boards at the gym. 

We're continuing to get in new equipment.  If you haven't noticed, our med balls now have a rack and we have some heavier balls too!!  Two 12s, two 14s and a 16 pounder!!    You'll also notice the new signs on our windows and the new art made just for us by Jessica Swift.

In coaching news, we'll be missing Chris for the month of September.  She's making a trip back to the Midwest and East Coast to be with family.   We know Chris is very special to the afternoon ladies, but we expect you all to get your butts to the gym and lift some heavy s**t in her absence! 

And lastly, please check MindBody for updated times.  We've moved the 9:30 classes back to 9:00 starting Monday, August 29th.  And we're canceling the 6:00 o'clock class until Chris returns.  




Carol FordComment