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Kinect Fitness Studio

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.
— Maya Angelou
Tammy and Mary created Kinect Fitness Studio to provide a welcoming environment where women come together to support, connect, and cheer each other on through fun and challenging workouts, amazing Tabor runs and all of life’s ups and downs. 

Tammy and Mary created Kinect Fitness Studio to provide a welcoming environment where women come together to support, connect, and cheer each other on through fun and challenging workouts, amazing Tabor runs and all of life’s ups and downs. 

K Fit is a fitness studio for women, by women, specializing in group fitness classes, small group fitness, and personal training.   More than that, we are about connecting women -- connecting them to their health and well being, connecting them to each other and the community of K Fit, connecting them to their inner rock stars.

We are a no-judgment zone; a safe environment for women of all fitness levels to come together, supporting each other, having fun and making friends, all while working hard and getting healthy in both mind and body.  K Fit will motivate you to keep getting stronger and more confident in your abilities. 


What to expect at K Fit

We offer a variety of group fitness classes.  Every day is something new – we believe in “never boring, always challenging”, crafted to be effective for the woman who is just getting into a fitness routine, returning to the fitness world after a break or injury, or for the woman who has a high fitness level that is looking to push herself.

Be prepared to make friends and accountability partners at K Fit!  We work out for ourselves and for each other.  




Coach Mary Drinkhouse

Coach Mary Drinkhouse

My journey began over 10 years ago when I decided to change my life.  I saw a photo of myself and did not recognize the woman in the swimsuit holding my daughter’s hand.  I thought, who is that?  And then it hit me, I did not know myself anymore.  I had been hiding behind baggy clothing and feeling terrible about myself.  

I decided to change and got serious about weight loss, losing 45 pounds with group support, and I slowly started to get back to running.  I wanted to feel like the best me possible!  

Running a marathon had always been on my bucket list so I trained for the Portland Marathon and learned that crossing the finish line of a marathon is one of life’s sweetest moments!  After completing 10 marathons in 5 years, I was inspired to help other women feel the best they could and I became a personal trainer and fitness coach in order to help women build confidence, feel better about themselves, and enjoy fitness and running and clean, nutritious eating!   

I love what I do because I love helping people and I would love to help you!


Coach Tammy Salvato

Coach Tammy Salvato

Five years ago I was the heaviest I had been since being pregnant and I was stuck in a rut of eating poorly and rarely exercising – and hating myself for it.  The endless diets and “quick-fix” exercise programs I was constantly trying would work for a short time, but then a few weeks/months later, I would be right back where I started.  It was a never-ending cycle that I couldn’t pull myself out of.  Then a friend joined a group exercise program for women and encouraged me to go.  It was really, really tough at first.  Then slowly, but surely, I got into the best shape of my life.  I was feeling stronger, both physically and mentally, by the day.

What I realized is that the key to getting and, more importantly, staying healthy is to be in an environment where you’re with others that support and encourage you.  To be in a place where you make friends AND accountability partners.  To have loads of FUN even when you are working HARD and things get tough.

I wanted to be a part of creating just such a place; a place where I knew women would find an incredible community to be a part of while on their fitness and health journey.   I am so excited to be able to help other women get healthy and strong and feeling amazing!  I can’t wait for you to THRIVE at K Fit!


Coach Suzy Jefferies, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Coach Suzy Jefferies, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I was a desk potato most of my adult life, working in an office looking at computer screens.  

There was a time when running provided a great antidote to the desk job, but then “life” happened.  I became inactive and consumed way more food than was needed to sustain my body.  The result was a 60-pound weight gain, depleted energy and low self-esteem.

I remembered the positive energy running once gave me – so I knew I needed to get active again.  I joined a gym and had my introductory session with a personal trainer, and even signed up for a personal training package, where I started to see some results.  After I used all my personal training visits, I was on my own, just me and the machines.   I didn’t go back.  A few years later, I tried again at a different gym – same result.

Then one day I found a community of people who offer encouragement – where the support is ongoing. There is a qualified coach guiding every workout – a watchful eye making sure the moves are done in a way that prevents injury.  There is variety to keep it interesting and enough challenge to see results.  It’s a place where you won’t be sent off by yourself to connect with a bunch of machines.  This place is K Fit Studio. 

I look forward my workouts.  I have more energy and stamina for my day-to-day activities.  I have a brighter outlook and I’ve even lost some weight.

 K Fit is a happy place for me.  I feel so privileged to be able to share that happiness as a coach.



Coach Erin Mick

Coach Erin Mick

I have been involved in athletics and fitness my whole life and I’ve never been in better shape than I am now! My fitness journey has been a long one, and only recently I finally got out of my own way, to be the best I can be!

I stopped wearing baggy clothes, dropped several sizes and never imagined looking and feeling as good as I do now. While learning how to shed the fixed beliefs that were keeping me stuck, I found out that I really did want to be fit and strong and that I could if I just let myself go for it!

Feeling strong, alive and full of possibilities are a few things that being fit has given me, along with the truest sense of freedom I have ever known. My wish is for everyone to share that feeling – that ANYTHING is possible!

I was so excited with my own transformation that I studied to become a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2014 and am continuing to learn. I am also a certified member of the Functional Movement Screen, where the belief is to move well first, then move often; a shared theme in the K-Fit studio.

Staying positive, strong and fit are important to me and my well-being. We are all on our own paths and we all need support along the way, which is another reason why I am thankful to have found a great fitness studio that provides a safe, supportive environment that is fun too!

To me, it’s all about giving and receiving support to get/stay healthy, positive and vibrant in our own unique ways, both inside and outside of K Fit, because THAT is what strong looks like


Abby Bliss White   

Abby Bliss White


Abby Bliss White is a Health and Hormonal Balance Coach, detox specialist, yogi, personal trainer, clean beauty junkie and all-around food geek.  Abby is the owner of Bliss Holistic Health, LLC.  She specializes in helping women balance their hormones, boost their metabolism, lose weight and feel happy, healthy and whole again. Based in Portland, Oregon, Abby assists clients nationwide via phone, email and Skype. Abby is a detox specialist and studied with Dr. Alejandro Junger and the CLEAN Program Coaching team. She provides virtual detoxes and group programs.

You can learn more about her work at:  Her coaching philosophy is based on bio-individuality. Her passion is creating lifestyle transformations for her clients by teaching them how to best support their body through proper nutrition and exercise.

Abby trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and has studied over 100 different dietary theories. She is also a certified Hormone Cure Coach through the Gottfried Institute. In addition to her academic training she also brings to her practice her own personal experiences, having overcome her own struggles with weight and digestive issues. Her work is about bringing your mind, body and spirit back into sync. Her mission is to bring JOY back to your life by teaching you to reconnect with yourself through food and body movement, in a positive and self-loving way. Abby has helped hundreds of clients lose weight, get their hormones back on track, detox their bodies and feel totally ready to embrace life again.  

Abby loves running, yoga, juicing and enjoying time with her wonderful husband and two teenage children. 


I have been an active human my whole life. When I was a child, my mom couldn't keep me in one place. I was always outside running, climbing trees, skateboarding and BMX biking. I later focused my athleticism into soccer and played throughout high school.

In college I studied dance and took up bike commuting and touring. I joined the circus and studied trapeze.

Twelve years ago I found the sport of my dreams: Roller Derby, a full contact sport for women. When I started, I could barely skate. As my skills grew for the sport, my strength and conditioning also needed to grow. The higher the level of competition, the harder I had to train. A few years in, I was told I wouldn't be able to compete at the highest level because I was too small, so I started lifting big to gain strength and muscle mass. I'm now addicted to working out and being strong.

The same year I started playing roller derby, I began studying Chinese medicine. I focused my studies on structural diagnosis and injury recovery.  I'm now a certified acupuncturist and herbalist at my business, Sportland Acupuncture, specializing in sports medicine. As an personal trainer and an acupuncturist I can utilize both both skill sets to work with clients that are recovering from injury and help athletes and active humans strength train to prevent injury.

I'm excited to work at K Fit in an environment that is comfortable for all women and bodies.


GROUP FITNESS Class Schedule

All of our classes utilize a variety of equipment, movements, formats, and intensity and all of our coaches are personal trainers, so we're able to modify to your level.

 Monday:  5:30 am, 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm

"The Spark" -- Start your week off with a spark.  Our cardio/strength workout is the perfect jump start.  We combine conditioning (building your lung capacity) with resistance (building your muscles.)

Monday:  11:00 am

"The Foundation" -- Suzy Jefferies is here to coach the fundamentals.  The Foundation is a "kinder" class for those recovering from injury, just getting back into an exercise routine, or for those who are looking to review the proper form for basic movements that we use in all of our classes. 

Tuesdays: 5:30 am, 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 5:00 pm

"The Kinect" --  The Kinect will get you in touch with your core on a deep level.  This class is sprinkled with cardio and resistance to ensure a complete workout.

Wednesday:  5:30 am, 7:15 am, 9:00 am (meet at the gate on Salmon)

Tabor Run, aka "The Happiest Hour".  We spend Wednesday mornings on the volcano.  Whether you're a beginning runner or advanced, you'll increase your endurance with each incline.  No one is left behind and no one is left unchallenged.

Wednesday:  11:00 am

"The Foundation" -- Suzy Jefferies is here to coach the fundamentals.  The Foundation is a "kinder" class for those recovering from injury, just getting back into an exercise routine, or for those who are looking to review the proper form for basic movements that we use in all of our classes. 

Wednesday: 5:00 pm

"The Spitfire" -- The heavy hand weights and kettle bells come out on Wednesday evenings.

Thursday:  5:30 am, 7:00 am

"The Kinect" -- The Kinect will get you in touch with your core on a deep level.  This class is sprinkled with cardio and resistance to ensure a complete workout. 

Thursday: 9:00 am

"The Fusion" -- A little pilates, a little yoga, a little barre -- Abby Bliss White will inspire grace, balance, and a rock solid core.

Thursday: 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm

"The Arsenal" -- This class has all the elements.  Cardio, core, weights, equipment, balance, and more.  You'll always finish the Arsenal in high spirits.

Friday:  5:30 am, 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 5:00 pm

"The Force" -- End your work week with the Force.  We flip our Monday workout around and focus on strength along with your cardio.

Friday:  11:00 am

"The Foundation" -- Suzy Jefferies is here to coach the fundamentals.  The Foundation is a "kinder" class for those recovering from injury, just getting back into an exercise routine, or for those who are looking to review the proper form for basic movements that we use in all of our classes. 

Saturday:  7:30 am, 9:00 am

"The Wildcard" -- You never know what you're going to get with our Saturday Wild Card Workout; guaranteed to fuel your weekend with a wild energy burst.

***  It is important that you arrive 15 minutes prior to class time to foam roll.  If you don't have a foam roller, we have them at K Fit for you to use.  We foam roll before class to prevent injury, release tightness in the muscles, and increase range of motion, and we foam roll after class, to decrease soreness and promote recovery.   Additionally, we have a 10-15 minute warm-up at the beginning of class to get our joints and muscles ready to work out.  Please, do not skip this important start to your workout. ***


Small Group Training is the sweet spot between Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes.  Grab one-to three of your friends and receive individualized attention while splitting the cost. 


Personal training is the best way to start working out or get back to working out after a hiatus.  At the other end of the spectrum, if you're looking to take your workouts to the next level in terms of form and intensity, personal training can provide that as well.   All personal training sessions are uniquely tailored to you.   You and your coach will develop a more connected relationship and will be able to clarify and refine your fitness regimen, helping you move past stuck points and achieve new levels of fitness.





Are you new to K Fit?  Try us!  Your first class is free.  After that, we have two new client packages.

First month - unlimited $120                    OR                First 5 classes (used within 30 days)  $50

Group Fitness


  • *Unlimited Month $160 (AUTOPAY) (Recurring automatic monthly payment.)
  • Unlimited Month $175 (NO AUTOPAY)


  • *10 Class Pack $135 (AUTOPAY) (To be used within one month.)
  • 10 Class Pack $150 (NO AUTOPAY) (To be used within two months.)
  • 20 Class Pack $250 (To be used within four months.)
  • 5 Class Pack $80 (To be used within one month.)


  • Single Class $18

*Autopay is your best value.  Your monthly membership fee is automatically deducted from your credit card, debit card, or checking account.  This renews every six months and can be cancelled at any time (with two weeks notice.)

 Small Group Training

(two-to-four people)

  • One Session/$40 Per Person
  • Five Sessions/$175 Per Person
  • Ten Sessions/$300 Per Person

Personal Training

  • Single $60
  • Package of Ten/$550
  • Package of Twenty/$1000




2725 SE Ash
Portland, Oregon 97214


We love our strong, fast, powerful K Fit members!



I go to K Fit Studio because it’s a place for: Challenging and diverse workouts led by knowledgeable instructors who make working out fun; a supportive, no-shaming environment filled with women of diverse ages and fitness levels; and building community with other women striving to lead healthy lives.

I love that the instructors meet us where we’re at, meaning they provide options for the workouts based on our fitness level and any injuries that need babying.

I’ve been coming here since Tammy and Mary started K Fit, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— Denise Holmes
K Fit is so much more than a gym. The vibe is supportive, friendly and fun; the workouts are varied and challenging; and the coaches are enthusiastic and dedicated. Come check it out!
— Michelle Neary
My holistic health is better than it has ever been, and it’s all because of the coaches and community at K Fit! I’ve been involved with competitive athletics from a young age and had adapted a lifestyle and a relationship with fitness that wasn’t maintainable - I was completely burnt out and definitely didn’t understand the importance of rest or balance.

K Fit has provided a safe environment for me to learn to play, connect, and actually ENJOY working out again! It’s by far the most supportive community I’ve been involved with; I now trust that I can have a relationship with my physical and mental health that will sustain me through every stage of my life.
— Katie King
I looked for a long time to find an exercise routine I could stick with. What I found in K Fit was a supportive community, great coaches, and an innovative and challenging workout. I love that there are women of all ages and abilities in the same class. K Fit rocks!
— Dagmar Rockstroh
I was lucky to have a friend that introduced me to K Fit. I had wanted to get back into exercising, having retired the year before, but was hesitant to go to a gym.

K Fit has been everything that I wanted. A very inclusive, welcoming space for women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Attending Suzy’s Foundation class has been great. She is an excellent and importantly fun and engaging instructor. She meets you at your level with individual attention and gives that push we all need to challenge ourselves each day.
— Sandy Nelsen
When you attend a K Fit class you are getting something much more than a great workout. The gym comes equipped with an incredible, supportive community. Regardless of your fitness level, the women at K Fit are encouraging and welcoming.

For me personally, I have no reason to leave and every reason to stay. I’ve tried other gyms and studios but I’m happy to say I found my tribe and am getting stronger by the day thanks to the diverse workouts and ability to push myself (remember that supportive community of girls I was talking about...?)

Thank you, Mary and Tammy, for creating such a wonderful space to thrive.
— Tam Driscoll
K Fit is a wonderful studio that meets the needs of many - those who want to stay really fit as well as those who are on a journey to improve their fitness. It is small, friendly and full of incredible resources regardless of your fitness level. I attend the Foundation class with Suzy.

Suzy is a great trainer. She focuses on form and working at a level that meets your needs. (I am older with arthritis and this class has made me feel so much better!) She pushes you, but is also very accommodating to those who have limitations. Her claim to fame is form! She helps you do movements the right way to get the most out of your workout. Suzy is incredible! And beyond all of that, it is fun and you meet great new friends.
— Cynthia Longley
K Fit is so much more than a gym, it’s a community. The women there encourage me and cheer me on! Before joining I never envisioned myself being able to do some of the things I can do today – hold a plank, do an (assisted) pull up or run up the steep hills/stairs of Mt. Tabor. The work outs are challenging but fun and always different so I never get bored. Mary and Tammy are the best – all levels and everyone is welcome. In the past I never enjoyed exercising or working out, I do now thanks to the changes I see and the support I receive at K Fit.
— Lori Ferraro
I Love K Fit. I take the Foundations class at 11 with Suzy Jefferies. I am over 60 and had total knee replacement on one knee. Suzy puts so much thought and time into her workouts. She gives modifications if you need them. I love the balance of strength and cardio. The women who participate are partners in health and sisters in exercise.

I have not found another situation where I feel so comfortable and get such a good workout.

I feel stronger and more confident because of working out at K Fit, not to mention the fitness level I am moving to, and the inches I’ve lost. This is what strong looks like.
— Cathy Hume
K Fit is all about empowerment, drive and helping women achieve their goals. The supportive atmosphere, challenging workouts and variety of classes make working out something you can’t miss – even at 5:30 in morning!! It’s become not just a gym but a group of women that challenge and inspire me on a daily basis.
— Courtney Crowell
After a year of doing little more than walking for exercise, I finally listened to my friend and joined her at K Fit. I got through that first day (barely) and then the second and third. K Fit has been part of my routine for a year and a half now. Along with my waist, I’ve discovered a community of women who celebrate each other’s successes and support each other through challenges. Mary and Tammy have created a space of strength and connection, and I’ve never felt stronger.
— Jenny Morrison
Mary and Tammy have changed my life. At 40, I am stronger than I have ever been and training for my first marathon. Not only are they are brilliant trainers, they are community-builders. I never thought I would love waking up early to run up and down Mt. Tabor in the dark with a group of women while the rest of the city sleeps but I do because these women are insanely bad-ass and it feels good to be bad-ass.
— Merriah Fairchild
There is no way I would get up at 5am to go exercise by myself. It’s the wonderful accountability that’s built into the group and the amazing friendships I’ve formed at K Fit that motivate me to wake up early and get myself to the gym (and out to Mt. Tabor, no matter the weather) several times a week.

I never knew a place like this could exist – kind and welcoming women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness levels, led by two kind, welcoming, motivating, and inspiring trainers/owners – and now that I’m a K Fitter I’ll never go back to working out alone, without my friends. Thank you, Mary and Tammy, for this wonderful community and for helping me be fitter and stay fitter than I would be otherwise!
— Jessica Swift
K Fit is an amazing place to get focused on my health. I have enjoyed getting to be a part of such a strong community of women who challenge and amaze me every time I work out! The coaching staff is top notch and the are always supportive of my success. K Fit has now become an necessary part of my life to recharge my batteries I can’t thank them enough.
— Amantha Patrick
Not being a morning person, it takes a lot to get me out of bed at 5am. And to do it consistently is a miracle! That is just how good Mary and Tammy are— they inspire, encourage and kick our butts in the best way possible.
— Heather Martin
K Fit is an amazing place! I am not a big gym person, but K Fit is not your typical gym. From the caring and encouraging coaches to the supportive women working out next to you to the monthly fundraisers and organized runs, K Fit turns exercise into self care and community. I can’t imagine my life without K Fit!
— Elisabeth Reese Cadigan
K Fit Studio is about fitness and friendship. A gym by women for women, you can meet your fitness goals with professional trainers, make lifelong friends, and feel safe and supported in every way—all in one beautiful gym.

I had not worked out for a couple of years, felt stiff and unbalanced, and gained weight—I’m sure anyone reading this knows what I am talking about. My health was suffering and being in my 60s I really thought it was too late for me to turn it around. Lucky for me Abby Bliss White got me to K Fit and when I started Suzy’s Foundation class I knew it was a perfect fit.

Suzy’s skill as a trainer, attention to form, encouragement, and sense of humor make every class a lesson in achievement. I am getting stronger and setting my goals higher. I feel so accomplished!

Suzy’s Foundation class truly gives you the foundation you need to gain strength, to improve balance, to learn injury prevention, and to become your healthiest, happiest self. No matter your age or fitness level, you can find your perfect fit at K Fit.
— Liz Sandoval

The Eat Healthy, Feel Healthy Program

Including The K Fit Guide by Abby Bliss White

Plan 1: The 4-Week Kickstart - $75

Do you want to kickstart your weight loss or just have a couple of pounds to lose?  This plan includes a copy of the K Fit Guide, an initial assessment with in-depth goal-setting meeting with Mary or Tammy, a 15-minute check-in meeting at two weeks, and a final assessment at four weeks.

Plan 2: The 8-Week Program - $150

If you're looking for a longer program to meet your weight loss goals, the 8 week program includes a copy of the K Fit Guide, an initial assessment with in-depth goal-setting meeting with Mary or Tammy, and your choice of 15 minute meetings on a bi-weekly basis or a 30-minute in-depth meeting at the end of each four-week and eight-week period. 

Meetings at the end of every four-week period include measurements (optional) and evaluation of progress in relation to goals.

Plan 3: The 12-Week Program - $225

For those that would like weekly accountability check-ins, this program includes all the benefits of the above programs, plus quick check-ins every week to check progress.  At the end of every four-week period, there will be a more in-depth meeting to check progress and reevaluate goals as necessary.


Nutrition Support with Abby Bliss White

We are so excited to be teaming up with Abby Bliss White to offer the very best in clean eating and nutrition counseling.   The first two packages below have been designed by Abby exclusively for K Fit members.  Abby knows what our workouts are like and has taken these workouts and our active lifestyles into consideration when writing out these plans with delicious, nourishing recipes.  Abby’s three-month package offers women an in-depth, long-term coaching relationship to help K Fitters reach and surpass their wellness goals and much more! 


THE BLISS JUMP-START                                  $149.00

This includes:

  • One 30-minute one-on-one phone conversation with Abby.
  • Abby will review your Health History and highlight the things that are working, and unearth areas in need of improvement.
  • Abby will give your her best recommendations for going forward; your top three to five goals that will make a huge difference in your life, right away.
  • Included is a suggested plan for continuing to improve your health and overall BLISS over time.
  • You will receive Abby's Two-Week Bliss Method Weight Loss plan, which includes welcome letter, handout, recipes, and a shopping list to jump-start your weight loss and get you motivated!

Your Road to Bliss One-Month Program         $349.00

This program includes all of the above plus TWO one-on-one sessions and email support in between session.

Abby will be your co-pilot and pump-you-up cheerleader on your road back to a body and life you truly love.

Abby's approach isn’t just about reducing inflammation, or dropping those extra pounds, it’s about permanent change from the inside out, as shifts in unhealthy behaviors naturally lead to shifts in unhealthy habits.

She believes that our happiness, challenges, and relationships are intimately linked to our wellness. That means nourishing beliefs and actions are just as critical for our well being as nourishing foods.

Program includes:

  • Abby will review your Health History and highlight the things that are working, and unearth areas in need of improvement.
  • Abby will give your her best recommendations for going forward; your top three to five goals that will make a huge difference in your life right away.
  • Included is a suggested plan for continuing to improve your health and overall BLISS over time.
  • You will receive Abby's Two-Week Bliss Method Weight Loss plan, which includes welcome letter, handout, recipes and shopping list to jump start your weight loss and get you motivated!
  • We round out your session with customized lifestyle tips that apply to your particular situation.

Bliss Method Three-Month Foundation Program

This program is designed to help you hit and pass your wellness goals, and keep taking it further.  Abby will work with you through your struggles with nutrition, exercise, balance, stress, sleep, and overall happiness.

This premiere coaching package is for the woman:

  • who just has a hard time finding balance, no matter what she tries
  • who has great, healthy intentions – but struggles with the follow-through (and knows accountability and support rocks!)
  • who craves change, but doesn’t know where to start
  • who needs a health and wellness plan she can actually implement in her busy life
  • who wants to overcome the mental obstacles and self-sabotage that prevents her from achieving her goals.

You deserve to feel healthy, happy, vibrant and whole again!

Over the three months, you’ll work together to:

  • Draw your personal wellness blueprint, so you have a clearer understanding of your mind, body, and soul health than ever before.
  • Set realistic goals and knock ‘em out of the park; because small victories lay the foundation for self-efficacy.
  • Harness the strength you need to overcome your obstacles.
  • Learn to view your struggles as opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Help you build the support team to keep making amazing changes long after our time is up.
  • Inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you would do alone.

What’s inside:

  • 90-minute Hormonal Shift Breakthrough session & Health History Questionnaire
  • Bi-weekly 60-minute in-person, phone or Skype appointments per month (or one 30 minute call every week – depending on your needs) 6/60 minute session 12/30 minute sessions
  • Email support between appointments
  • Personalized diet and meal plans specific to your needs and sensitivities
  •  Customized workout plans and mental exercises to boost your metabolism (yoga, meditation, mindfulness exercises, etc.)
  • Your tailored approach to balancing your hormones naturally through diet and exercise
  • Tips for deconstructing your cravings, and learning how to overcome your food issues
  • Personalized accountability, motivation, and emotional support throughout your journey.

$1200 ($100 discount if you pay in full) or $400/month for three months

At the end of your time together, you can opt-in to purchase an additional three, six, or nine months as needed!  So, you can count on Abby's support as long as you need.

Contact Abby directly at Bliss Holistic Health, or call her at 503-964-8018.


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