Your Road to Bliss One-Month Program

Your Road to Bliss One-Month Program


This program includes all of the above plus TWO one-on-one sessions and email support in between session.

Abby will be your co-pilot and pump-you-up cheerleader on your road back to a body and life you truly love.

Abby's approach isn’t just about reducing inflammation, or dropping those extra pounds, it’s about permanent change from the inside out, as shifts in unhealthy behaviors naturally lead to shifts in unhealthy habits.

She believes that our happiness, challenges, and relationships are intimately linked to our wellness. That means nourishing beliefs and actions are just as critical for our well being as nourishing foods.

Program includes:

  • Abby will review your Health History and highlight the things that are working, and unearth areas in need of improvement.
  • Abby will give your her best recommendations for going forward; your top three to five goals that will make a huge difference in your life right away.
  • Included is a suggested plan for continuing to improve your health and overall BLISS over time.
  • You will receive Abby's Two-Week Bliss Method Weight Loss plan, which includes welcome letter, handout, recipes and shopping list to jump start your weight loss and get you motivated!
  • We round out your session with customized lifestyle tips that apply to your particular situation.


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