Introducing. . . the Rumble.

Rumble to your own unique rhythm! The Rumble is a weekly infusion of good vibes plus a full body cardio and strength building workout. We’ll review your personal body composition numbers using an InBody® Machine and together we’ll set your goals. Tiffany delivers custom self-care and nutrition into a fun body-connected routine. If you want cardio, balance, and core strength wrapped in a love yourself mindset, this is for you!"

*Pricing for The Rumble:

12-Week Program (Rolling start - join anytime. Includes The Rumble class 1 day per week, plus one additional K Fit group class per week.) = $360

InBody Test & Talk - New Client = $50 (This does not include any fitness classes. Contact us for appointment.)

InBody Test & Talk - K Fit Client = $30 (This is for existing K Fit Clients only. No fitness classes included. Contact us for appointment.)